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Kitchko is a platform that empowers communities of chefs and foodies from all cultures through the gift of accessible, affordable, artisanal food.
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We allow anybody the chance to build a business, share cherished recipes, tell their story, taste exotic flavours, experience a traditional family meal and access affordable artisanal food from the comfort of their own home.

Empowering change through food

A group of three Sydney-based, food-loving friends set out to create a platform. This platform, they decided, would be a home for adventurous foodies, underrepresented cooks/chefs and ambitious delivery drivers. It would stand for empowerment, opportunity and community. It would take the simple notion of home-style cooking and transform it into a base for chefs of all skill levels to easily start and manage their own businesses. It would allow foodies to access and discover the stories, cultures, comfort, people and communities behind local and international cuisines. It would help delivery drivers earn more with better control over their schedules. Their ultimate goal was (and still is) to change the way food is shared, for the better. And so, this is Kitchko.


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Meet the Team


Buntong Yun


Buntong Yun has technical background in finance and entrepreneurship. He has achieved success across the sectors of consulting, property development and energy management. Buntong is also an avid triathlete who loves adventure, history and technology.


Jenifer Andre


Jenifer is a Co Founder and COO of Kitchko where she looks after the day-to-day operations and marketing. She has a strong backgorund in digial marketing having worked with leading brands such as Brickworks, Bunnings and JBHI-FI.


Dat Le


Dat is an entrepreneur, Commander in Karate and Founder of Kitchko. He has served on the advisory of many global businesses in the gig-economy and automotive sectors, and is PhD candidate at the University of Sydney.


Richang Shah


Richie is a Co Founder and CFO at Kitchko. He graduated with an MBA from Macquarie and when he's not at work, Richie is a foodie and adrenaline junkie.


Long Chy Lim

Logistics Operation Manager

Long Chy is a Logistics & Operations Manager at Kitchko. He has worked in several different fields of logistics overseeing the day to day operation of Outbound freight at his previous company Border Express.


Rumelle Dsouza

Social Media Manager

Rumelle Dsouza is the Social Media Manager for Kitchko. She oversees all content creation and social media strategy for the company. Even though she's a numbers nerd at heart, Rumelle loves anything creative and utilizes her skills to create engaging content.


George Mukun Wang

Software Engineer

George is a software engineer at Kitchko and is currently pursuing a degree in Advanced Computing and Commerce at The University of Sydney. At Kitchko, he looks after serverless backend systems that automate processes, making everyone's life easier.


Nahian-Al Hasan

Platform and Growth Engineer

Nahian is the Growth and Platform Engineer at Kitchko. He completed his Bachelor's in Computer Science and was awarded the Vice Chancellor's scholarship at Sydney Uni. In his spare time, he competes in Hackathons and contribute to open source projects.


Karthik Ramesh

Operations Coordinator

Karthik is a double-qualified chartered accountant and a Master's student at the University of Sydney majoring in Finance and Data Analytics. At Kitchko he is an Operations Co-ordinator and occasional bean counter.


Colette Habra

Marketing Intern

Colette is currently in her final year of university, studying a Bachelor of Business with a major in Marketing. When she's not devising masterful marketing strategies at work, she likes to create fancy desserts and search for hidden gems in Sydney's restaurant scene.

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