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Our online food marketplace is a thriving little community – connecting home chefs with hungry locals craving authentic food experiences. It is grass roots, traditional and real.

Food lovers can browse menus from a range of diverse cuisines and cooks, select what they would like to eat and then order – perhaps for home delivery, maybe for pickup or more interestingly for an in-home dining experience with one of our chefs.

“ to change the way good food is shared by connecting local food lovers with home cooks who turn their homes into the best restaurants in town.“

– Kitchko Team
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businesses and
Kitchko is a beautiful way to give chefs access to create their own micro-restaurant and earn an income from cooking what they love. It also allows the warmth of our cooks to shine through as they open the doors of their own homes to share the aromas and unique dining experience with eager foodies
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The City’s Secret
In so many suburbs, little hotspots of authentic cuisines exist. Each cuisine holds different traditional ways of eating. Our network has tapped into these; from Vietnamese noodles in the west to home grown vegetarian meals in the Inner West.

Our vision is based on providing affordable, good, healthy, home cooked food to support wellness in all communities. By supporting these little home restaurant businesses, we’re bringing seriously good food to market.
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restaurant might be
right next door
Our home restaurants encourage a community spirit which can only be realised by sharing good food, great stories and open interaction. If you’ve ever walked home and smelled something delicious out of a neighbour’s kitchen – you might now get the chance to discover what’s cooking.


Service & Recognition

We believe food is one part edible and two parts experience.

We want to know the stories behind our dishes, share the secret techniques to make good food great and honour

those home chefs who cook with nothing short of passion.

Area of Service


What We Offer

Daily Fresh Menus

We work closely with our chefs to ensure that menus are updated daily so that customers can enjoy the hottest deals.

Fresh Ingredients

With our trusted suppliers, our home chefs have access to the freshest ingredients which are locally sourced.

Tasty Meals

With generations of experience, our home chefs are dedicated to provide you with the tastiest meals.

Creative Chefs

Not only do our traditional dishes have a solid foothold, our wave of creative chefs are quietly working to redefine the national cuisine in an entirely new way.

Authentic Cuisine

We offer a variety of unique cuisines which provide a specific set of cooking traditions and practices, often associated with a specific culture or region.

Food Safety Certified

All our home chefs are food safety certified to ensure everyone has a great time at the dinner table.


What People are Saying

“Felt like home”

“Kitchko brought back the memories of the Motherland providing me  with authentic home cooked meals. It’s amazing to see they’re doing the same thing for all cultures.“


“Fabulous food & flawless service”

“Ordering from the  Vietnamese Beef Noodle soup from Mama Pho on Kitchko really made me feel as if I was in the streets of Vietnam.  Unique offering. To top it off, their customer support team was amazing. “


“Will definitely eat with Kitchko again”

“As an international student here in Sydney, it was hard to find Indonesian food that tasted like home. Ordering from Kitchko made it look easy. Will definitely eat with Kitchko again.“


“Amazing Variety”

“Didn’t have to travel the world to try new cuisines. Kitchko really brought the tastes of the world to my doorstep. “




Hours of Operation


9:00am – 8:00pm


Want a cuisine you can’t find in Sydney?

Don’t be shy. Call us and we’ll connect you to the right chef. Trust me you wont be disappointed.

Online Marketplace – Coming Soon

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