Benefits of Eating Home Cooked Meals

If 2020 has taught us one thing it is that cooking at home is either a skill that you have mastered or that food delivery is your new best friend.

There are 2 types of ‘quarantine chefs’ in our opinion. The; grows a vegetable garden, sourdough baker, slow cooking success. And then there is also the person who knows all the local Uber eats delivery drivers on a first name basis. 


As much as we would love to claim to be the first person, we more often than not after a hard day (of zoom calls in our pajamas) definitely gravitate to the second person! But we hate to say it, after the 2-week mark of lockdown we were craving a home cooked meal! And there is a good reason why;


Home cooking brings people together; sitting down for a meal with your family, housemates or even your cat! Is so important for the enjoyment of food and your social wellbeing.


Home cooking is also usually lower in sugar, salt and unnecessary ingredients that don’t make us feel our best so eliminating those we are going to feel so much more energetic and happier the next day.


Home cooking is also a fantastic way to improve the quality and nutrition of meals to help you feel your best and the better the ingredients, the better the taste!


Here at Kitchko we want to make home cooking even easier by bridging the gap between the two types of ‘quarantine cookers’ we will deliver chef made; home cooked meals to your door that are made with high quality and good for you ingredients as well as helping you to expand your palette and bring people together all through the power of a home cooked meal!

Jenifer Andre

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Reckon home-made food is better?Sign up to get notified when we launch