Customer Help Centre

Why do we need your information? 

To ensure the safety of all our customers and drivers. This information will help us in making sure we deliver and cater to you. 

Why do we need your information? 

To ensure the safety of all our customers and drivers. This information will help us in making sure we deliver and cater to you. 

How payments work


When do you get charged? 

When you make an order request the total amount will be held in escrow where it’s put aside. You’ll only be charged when the chef confirms the order. 


If you cancel

If you cancel the order you’ll receive a refund according to the cancellation policy. 


Payment options

Payment methods that we accept: Mastercard, Visa card, Eftpos/debit. We do not process cash payments, to better protect the health of both Kitchko customers and drivers


Saved payments

You can save a default payment method or change your payment method anytime. 

Can I request a refund?

We’re sorry that you were unsatisfied with the service. Please refer to the Cancellation policy for the terms and conditions when applying for a refund.

To help us assist you further, ensure you provide an image and explanation and we’ll review your feedback as fast as possible!

You can also mail the Kitchko customer service team at .

Kitchko’s marketplace of flavours and cultural experiences are just waiting to be discovered. Use a combination of filters and kitchen selections to locate something new, or rediscover an old favourite.


How do I order a meal?

We’re launching our app in May 2021 however for now you can join the Beta program to make orders and receive updates with the latest home cooks, dishes and news on our platform. 

To join the Beta program please email


Ordering a meal with dietary requirements 

To confirm your order you will need to tell us if you have any dietary requirements and if you’re allergic to any ingredients. 

Each dish will have a description and the ingredients list to provide you with detailed information about the dish. 


Once you make an order request you can send messages to your host from your inbox. 


Delivery driver

You can only contact the delivery driver once they pick up your order. 

To do this:

  1. Click on the track order button on the order details page.
  2. Select call or message.

Please be mindful that the drivers are on the road and may not answer you immediately.

How deliveries work

Kitchko is a pre-order food delivery platform, this means our drivers follow a route plan to dispatch orders each day. We will aim to deliver your food within 1-2 hours before the requested delivery time.

You can select your delivery method when you order your food.There are two different methods of delivery:

  • Pick up – This does not incur any delivery charges 
  • Delivered to your door 

Yes, you can enter your address or change the address where you want your order to get delivered to.

Can I change my order?

If you would like to change or add something to your order you can contact our customer support team via and we’ll try our best to add new items onto the order.

Cancellations are not ideal, but we understand that sometimes it happens. Find out more about under what conditions a chef can cancel an order, and how you can too.


Chef cancelled

Kitchko has procured qualified, enthusiastic and authentic local chefs, cooks and cuisine masters.

Chefs are aware of our cancelation policy, and we encourage them to avoid cancellations, to ensure reliable access to the breathtaking flavours and cultural experiences on offer.

Under extraordinary and unusual circumstances chefs are entitled to cancel accepted customers’ order prior to the final 24 hours before a meal is fulfilled. A cancellation will trigger an automatic notification, and a refund will be processed within 1-3 business days.


Customer cancelled

Kitchko encourages local chefs to use only the freshest ingredients. Given the varying preparation times required to fulfil your order, and in line with our cancellation policy, customers are entitled to cancel an outstanding order up to the final 24 hours before a meal is due.

If a meal is cancelled with more than 48 hours prior to the delivery date, no penalty is applied, while cancellations between 48 and 24 hours will have a ‘no refund’ levy applied, except at Kitchko’s discretion.

If you’re having problems not addressed in the FAQ, you can report it by following the guides below. If your issue is not addressed, you can raise a new ticket with us, by mailing the Kitchko customer service team at 

Please note, attempting to jump the queue by calling or emailing us will not prioritise your issue. To improve the Kitchko marketplace ecosystem for everyone, please ensure you flag the issue with the best category. Your contribution benefits everyone.

Kitchko marketplace is a community-orientated endeavour. We believe in bringing neighbours, locals and the wider community together, through positive shared experiences. 

Being part of Kitchko, whether customer, chef, driver or staff member means upholding shared values. These include:

  • Authentic representation, so profiles and kitchens are never shallow facades imitating genuine people, communities or cultures.
  • Nondescrimination on the basis of sex, gender, martial status, ethnicity, lingsuitic or culture background, political or economic status, whether prejudice against certain characteristics or promotion of ideas fostering descrimination against people.
  • Trust and integrity means not initiating, participating or facilitating in illicit or unethical side-deals, off the book arrangements or contraband goods or services.
  • Communal responsibility, including refraining from flooding the system with spam, deceptive proposals, community-destructive content or inappropriate content or materials (e.g. imagery).

I have experienced poor service

Kitchko’s marketplace depends on reliable high-quality service by everyone involved, to ensure we all benefit and enjoy participating in this community. If you have experienced low quality service, we want to be informed so we can improve the marketplace ecosystem going forward.

This includes rude, unprofessional and poorly trained chefs, drivers or staff members.

If you believe a member of the Kitchko marketplace has failed to uphold these values, please raise your concerns with us by mailing Kitchko customer service team at

I don’t feel safe

Kitchko marketplace is community-orientated, and will not assist, accept or enable any behaviour which is threatening or dangerous. If you or someone in the Kitchko ecosystem you know has a safety concern please raise it with us. 

Such concerns include digital and physical/verbal behaviour in-person, on a call or via messaging.

Risk of diseases, dangerous obstacles, unsecured equipment, weaponry or animals are also relevant concerns.

Mail the Kitchko customer service team at

Something went wrong and now my meal is late?

We’re sorry that your food was delivered late. Kitchko is a pre-order food delivery platform, this means our driver follows a route plan to dispatch your order. We will always do our best to deliver on time however there may be external factors such as traffic, road works and weather conditions that may affect this.

Something is not right with my order

We’re sorry that your delivery did not go as planned.

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