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Kitchko's Home Project

Kitchko’s Home Project¬†is a peer to peer online marketplace platform where it enables home cooks to list and sell food online. Where anyone can go online and find the food they want in their local community. Think of it as Airbnb but for food.

Kitchko’s Home Chefs prepares your meals in a way that is very special and different from all the other meal you have had. It will be a takeaway experience that feels like it was prepared by your loved one. The meal is hygienic, dressed well, tasty, cultured but, most importantly, it’s Homie.¬†

Kitchko’s Home Chef

Rex's The BBQ Guys

Misha The Food Whisperer

Zolt The Grower

Kitchko’s Picks

Rex's Favorite

Rex's Romantic BBQ Date Set

I love V

Chicken Satay on a Garden

Smoke Grilled Crab on Salt Rocks

Mystery Chicken Stir Fry

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