Survival Box

We’ve carefully selected food with the longest shelf life giving you the best food you supplies to survive an apocalypse. Filled with the nutrition you need, healthy meals and snacks, plus some everyday essentials.


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What’s Included


  • Long-life Milk 2L
  • Oats
  • Spread (e.g. jam)
  • Cereal bars (or dried fruits) x4 (min. 100g each)

Household Staples

  • Pasta or Rice 1kg
  • Canned Fruit (approx. 400g)
  • Baked Beans (or similar) x2 (min. 420g each)
  • Tortilla Wraps x1 (8 units)

Snacks & Beverages

  • Tea (min. 50 bags)
  • Instant Coffee (min. 100g)
  • Biscuits (e.g. wafers, snacks) min. 175g

Hygiene Essentials

  • Toilet Paper min. 4-pack
  • Soap (or similar hygiene product) min. 1 bar/unit
  • Facial Wipes

General Questions

When will it be delivered?

We deliver every week on Wednesday, Saturday and Sundays. 

Do you deliver to my area?

Sydney Metro

I'm alergic to this product, can I swap it for something else?

Yes if you wish you swap it for another product just send us an email. 

Can I choose or select different alternatives within the box?

Absolutely, we are happy to arrange this for a maximum of 3 items thats in stock.