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  • Nasi Iga
    Aromatic beef ribs with cassava leaves, corn fritters and our homestyle green chilli.
  • Sup Buntut (Oxtail soup)
    Braised ox tail with special broth, carrot, potato, fried onion featuring our Sambal Rebus)
  • Sekoteng
    Old ginger syrup, sago pearl, mung beans, sugar palm fruit, coconut jelly, roasted peanuts and white bread.
  • Soto Lamongan Cup
    Soto Lamongan Paste, Sous Vide Chicken, Boiled Egg, Vermicelli, Fried Onion, Koya Powder, Sambal Rebus
  • Kukis Klepon 250gr
    Buttery cookies with a Klepon twist on the inside. It has a \"melt-in-the-mouth\" texture while the coconut filling gives a rich tropical flavour.
  • Kukis Pisang Bolen 250gr
    Buttery cookies with home-made banana jam: chunk of chocs & cheese. We are inspired to create this because our chefs love \"roti bolen\" so much.
  • Wedang Angsle
    Pandan & Ginger infused coconut milk, sticky rice, sago pearl, mung beans, white bread, roasted peanuts